Bee Hive Restored, Harvest Lost

So the word on our hive is a little bit of good news, bad news.  Back in July, after fearing that we needed to requeen our hive due to aggression, it was discovered that our hive was stuck under our double bottomboard.  As it turned out requeening of the hive was not necessary, but a […]

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Jo Vs. The Entire Ivywild Raccoon Clan

Ah, the life of a backyard farmer – things are definitely never boring.  This week was, of course, no exception.  Remember this post about living with wildlife as a backyard farmer?  Or this one about skunks coming after our bird feeders?  Wildlife is part of producing food in the city (at least it is in […]

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Brace Yourself – We’re Going To Talk Bindweed (Again)

Last year we declared all-out war on our bindweed by applying an herbicide to our landscape.  I’ve been asked many times, very quietly, to update the bindweed saga taking place in our backyard.  Permaculturists and organic gardeners, who wish to remain anonymous, have been inquiring if the Roundup worked against our bindweed.  I’ve received a […]

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The DARK Act – A New Political Low

For several years now, many U.S. citizens have been doing grassroots organization work to bring labeling of GMO (genetically modified organisms) foods to the United States. While many countries around the world already require GMO labeling, GMO’s are not labeled in the U.S. Many U.S. countries sell their products overseas, complete with a label indicating […]

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The Best Year We’ve Had For Fruit

With the epic spring rains we had this year, it’s no surprise that our fruit production is the best we’ve seen.  The real magic here is that the heavy rains coincided with the age of our fruit trees, shrubs, and vines – this was the year they were really supposed to hit their stride.  And […]

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