A Blue Print For Surviving The Holidays (And Any Other Day For That Matter)

I know, I know, the next six weeks can sometimes be a real pain.  Extra expenses, extra commitments, extra time required, extra energy – extra everything.  The run from late November through early January can feel like a gauntlet.  This, of course, all goes back to the choices we make and the perspective with which […]

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Homesteaders Gain Legal Support

As homesteaders and hobby farmers, we can be subject to similar legal woes as a commercial farmer, even if all we are trying to do is be self-sufficient. We can face battles over zoning ordinances, complaints from neighbors, and livestock regulations, to name a few. Starting this fall, the same organization that has offered legal […]

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Keep Your Homegrown And Local Food Through The Winter

This week I want to share with you just a bit about how Ben and I store food in our home for the winter. The harvests are almost in, and most of us are accumulating large quantities of vegetables, fruits, jams, jellies, pickles, and other food stuffs to tuck away for the winter. Some vegetables […]

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The Buckley Homestead

If you live in or around Colorado Springs, you know Ed and Allison Buckley.  Buckley’s Homestead Supply has become a beacon for the homesteading community in Colorado Springs, and their easy going, “we got this” style is subtlety infectious. Ed and Allison have built a business and asset for the community, while at the same […]

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What El Nino Actually Means For The Front Range

There are two bits of information about me personally that you probably already know: I’m originally from Oregon, land of deep snow (picture above taken near my home, at 7,200′) I. love. WEATHER! The latter point is most germane to today’s post – not only do I love weather, but I love talking about the […]

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