Gratitude For A Local Food Feast

Consider this your friendly Friday morning PSA – local is the way to go.  There’s lots of shopping happening this time of year, both for food and for gifts (or for food as gifts).  Buy local when you can, in both cases.  For the most part Ben and I eat local throughout the year, but […]

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Why I Don’t Buy Spring Chicks

Flock rotation is one of those topics that everyone has a different opinion on.  Ask four backyard farmers the best way to rotate your flock and you’ll get five answers – six on a bad day.  A few weeks ago I wrote about what to do with an egg laying hen past its prime; I […]

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Peace On Earth Begins With Me

On any average day, one purusal through my Facebook feed and I could become convinced that the entire world is hostile, dangerous, and one giant, harry conspiracy working against EVERYTHING.  While in my mind I know this isn’t true, there are times that my heart believes the worst.  With current events such as they are, […]

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Eating Local Year Round With MM Local

If you live and garden in Colorado then you know how short the growing season can be.  Eating local the year ’round in Colorado requires food preservation skills, time, and equipment.  If you’re lacking any of those three elements then food preservation is a little bit tougher for you.  I am usually lacking time, and […]

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What To Do With An Egg Laying Hen Past Its Prime

If you’re a backyard farmer, you’ve had this conversation either out-loud or in your head:  “The chickens (or ducks) have really dropped off their egg production.  I wonder what I should do?”  This initial question implies that you should take some action on the matter, that you should be proactive as fewer of your valuable […]

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