Small Business Equals Big Bucks

If you’ve been following my blog for even a nanosecond, you know that I believe in the power of small production making a big impact in our communities (like the homegrown honey pictured at right).  Well apparently I am not alone in this belief – I’ve been asked to share my views on another great […]

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The Art Of Being Neighborly

A major component of the backyard farming movement is the building of community.  Community building is arguably also the most difficult aspect of backyard farming.  It appears to be far easier to build a raised bed in your backyard that to engage your neighbors in a meaningful manner.  The good news is that you’re holding […]

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Chickens Lay A Ton Of Eggs – How To Sell The Extras

I think we’re all pretty much aware that chickens lay eggs (at least I hope we’re all pretty much aware of that).  What might be news to you is just how many eggs a chicken can lay.  Depending on the age of the hen, breed, feed, daylight, and temperature, chickens can quite readily lay five […]

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An Unbelievable Recovery (AKA Plants Are Tougher Than We Think)

You might remember my post from a month ago or so.  Our little backyard farm was nuked by an intense hail storm; we were certain we were done for the season.  I’m happy to report how wrong I was – the yard and garden are making a comeback of epic proportions.  The “before” pictures were […]

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In The Belly Of The Beast

Yes, that’s me driving a tractor with a field full of GMO sugar beets in the background.  All this week I’ve been in attendance at an ag conference in northern Colorado.  I’ve seen things I never thought I would see, I’ve had conversations I never dreamed I would have, and I’ve come to understand the […]

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