The Best Recipes For A Backyard Farm – All In One Place

Earlier this year I made you a promise that I would provide you with seasonal, homegrown recipes that you could create from things you raised or grew in your backyard.  Well, I’m here to tell you that I will not be keeping that promise.  ‘Ever had that experience where you set out to do something, […]

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The Argument For Natural Building Methods

Almost a year ago Ben and I had a visioning session, setting intentions about how we wanted our lives to look, and what we needed to shift to get there.  One of the physical changes that we agreed upon was our house.  Our very cool little historic home in Ivywild had a ton of charm, […]

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Livin’ With Wildlife: Reminders For The Season

If you live along the Front Range, you will have wildlife in or around your backyard farm.  No doubt.  The question then become what to do about said wildlife.  The answer?  Prevent encounters whenever possible, manage encounters once they occur.  Here’s how we do that: We have a dog – very handy for alerting and […]

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The Food Policy Advisory Board Needs YOU

You may recall from a post I wrote last November, Colorado Springs has been working on setting up a Food Policy Advisory Board.  The board has officially been created, and the call has been put out to the public, asking community members to step forward and lead us to greater sustainability.  This is not a […]

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Bees Vs. Chicken (And Folks, The Chicken Didn’t Win)

We had an event at Ivywild Farm this past week that is a first for us.  We occasionally have a chicken or two that will escape from the coop – that’s nothing new.  What was new is said escaped chicken attacking the bee hive.  Apparently one of our Black Australorps decided that catching bees sounded […]

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