Bird Flu In Colorado? Really!?

Let’s start with the facts.  So far, bird flu has not been confirmed in Colorado.  The bird flu cases seen in North America over the last several years have tended to be on the west coast, with one case on the east coast, and one case in Canada.  Not exactly a pandemic folks.  However, the […]

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Local Food – There’s An App For That

It seems like these days there’s an app for just about anything.  And now, a first for Colorado Springs, we have an app for local food.  Believe me when I tell you that this is no ordinary app – this little gizmo has the power to change the commerce around food in our community.  A […]

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10 Backyard Farming Tools I Can’t (Won’t) Live Without

What’s the best tool to have around an urban homestead?  Ask 10 homesteaders and you’ll get at least eleven answers.  I know what tools I’ve come to love over the years – the ones that do what they’re supposed to do, the ones that last, and the ones that make my homesteading chores easier.  Here’s […]

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Winter Feeding For Bees

Earlier this week I took advantage of some unseasonably warm February weather, and slipped some “bee candy” into the top of my bee hive.  When we pulled honey in the fall it looked as though the bees might run low on food, especially if we had a warm winter followed by a cold spring.  If […]

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Winter To-do, Or Not To-do List

I’m not sure if you know this, but winter is supposed to be the season of rest and rejuvenation.  Historically it is when the farmers would become poets, musicians, artists, and writers.  While spring, summer, and fall were seasons of work, winter was the quiet season of rest.  Today, in our non-stop, 24 hour-a-day world, […]

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