Meet The Smith Family

This week I want to introduce to an urban homesteading family in Colorado Springs – Brian, Christy, Megan, Bryson, and little Luke Smith.  I had the absolute pleasure of spending some time with the Smith family at their northeast Colorado Springs urban homestead, and I was so impressed by what I saw.  I shot several […]

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Food Preservation For The Lazy, The Busy, And The Beginner

The summer season brings with it a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables, a short but oh-so important period of time for those of us that prefer our food local.  The food may come from your garden, from a neighbors garden, or from one of our local farms, but in all cases the food comes […]

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Fixing Our Hive

About a month or so ago, our bees attacked one of our chickens.  The attack was fairly vicious, and appeared unwarranted.  We knew the chicken had gone hunting at the hive, but the attack mounted by the bees seemed entirely disproportionate to the chickens crime.  Or so we thought.  Some information came our way today […]

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The Best Recipes For A Backyard Farm – All In One Place

Earlier this year I made you a promise that I would provide you with seasonal, homegrown recipes that you could create from things you raised or grew in your backyard.  Well, I’m here to tell you that I will not be keeping that promise.  ‘Ever had that experience where you set out to do something, […]

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The Argument For Natural Building Methods

Almost a year ago Ben and I had a visioning session, setting intentions about how we wanted our lives to look, and what we needed to shift to get there.  One of the physical changes that we agreed upon was our house.  Our very cool little historic home in Ivywild had a ton of charm, […]

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