The Best Vegetable Garden I’ve Ever Seen – And It’s In Colorado Springs

Earlier this summer in August I went on the Friends of Extension Garden Tour.  I was limited on time, as were the two other folks I went with.  We didn’t have the opportunity to see all of the gardens on the tour, but one in particular made it all worthwhile.  (*Note:  There is a slide […]

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25 Urban Homesteading Business Ideas To Steal Right Now

So you want to earn a little money from your backyard farm, but you just don’t think you have any options?  Well have I got news for you – the options are nearly endless. For years the America public has been groomed to favor large, out of town businesses to small, local providers.  The damage […]

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Ah Aqupaonics: An Update, Fall 2014

You may have heard me say in the past that aquaponics is no silver-bullet for food production.  My assertion is based on the dependence of plastic, fossil fuel energy (usually), mined mineral resources, and on occasion pesticides (greenhouse growing, even organic greenhouse growing, depends on pesticides from time to time).  While all of the above […]

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Why I’ll Be Using RoundUp In My Backyard (gasp!)

I know what you’re thinking – this must a be a joke. Certainly Christine and Ben would never use an herbicide on their backyard farm.  These two organic types would not pollute their landscape, their own food supply, and themselves just to make their weed pulling routine a bit easier, would they?  The answers to […]

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Top 11 Ways To Save Money When Building Your Backyard Farm

Alright, let’s just get right at this.  Building backyard farms can be expensive; backyard farmers balance cost and aesthetics at every turn.  If the farm looks Sunset Magazine worthy, the cost to build it will far outstrip the benefits of the food you can produce.  If you farm looks like the Beverly Hillbillies you may […]

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