Yes I Know It’s June (Almost) , And No I Don’t Think You Should Plant Your Tomatoes Outside, Yet

Typically around these parts (Front Range of Colorado), Memorial Day weekend serves as tipping point between “Sprin-ter” and summer.  Us hardy gardening types start moving our warm season starts out to our gardens for the 90 day run of our “warm season.”  This May has been exceptional – cool, stormy, and rainy.  I don’t know […]

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Local Food Gets Ugly: The Battle Over Minibelly’s Farm

If you track local food in Colorado Springs, you may have come across a fairly raging controversy ‘of late.  A hydroponic tomato farm has opened its doors for business in Black Forest, and the neighbors are not pleased.  The controversy?  Mostly the view – the greenhouses are massive and considered by some to be unsightly.  […]

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A Starr Is Rising

If you’re like most adults, you might be eying the younger generations with a bit of dismay.  Fashion and music aside, for many folks our teenagers represent a generation that is overly connected to tech, while being disconnected from the present moment.  Our belief, as it goes, is that this condition of our young people […]

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Aquaponics For Real

This week I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Gavin & Marshea Vitt of Daily Harvest Aquaponics.  This husband and wife team (and the rest of the family to boot) founded and manage the first bonafide commercial aquaponics growing system in Colorado Springs.  Both Gavin and Marshea come from generations of farmers; this is not, […]

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Bee Keeping Help When You Don’t Know What To Do

If you’ve considered bee keeping, but just didn’t know where to start then you’re not alone.  If you’ve kept bees for a couple of years, but feel like you don’t always manage your hive optimally then welcome to the club.  I’ve always said that bee keeping is easy as long as nothing goes wrong.  Once […]

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