The Great Fertilizer Controversy

Fertilizer is one of things that can divide a group of otherwise congenially gardeners into two distinct camps – for and against.  Knowing full well how crappy our Colorado soil really is, we all know we have to do something to support our soil.  That list of somethings could include: Composting kitchen scraps and apply […]

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Keeping Your Honey Bees Healthy In “Sprinter”

If you live in Colorado or the Rocky Mountains in general, you may be aware that “Sprinter” is still in full swing.  For those of you outside of the Rockies, “Sprinter” is our version of spring – half Spring, half Winter.  Considering that the mountains outside of Colorado Springs received nearly 2’ of snow last […]

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Optimizing Your Gardening Time

I’ve heard the argument that you should never optimize your time in the garden and that you should, instead, savor every moment.  A part of me really gets that.  Slow down, enjoy the moment, and be present for each task.  But then, there’s this other part of me that has a hundred others tasks to […]

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