R.I.P. Seabass

This last week we lost the coolest cat we’ve ever known.  This was the cat that people who didn’t like cats, actually liked.  Seabass was warm, funny, chatty, and a goof ball.  I would love to write in his obituary that he was also a great mouser and contributing member of the homestead, but that […]

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Feed Your Family From Your Garden

You might have noticed that the cost of food has gone up substantially.  More to the point, you might have noticed that the price of unsubsidized food products (anything without corn or soy, and also excluding wheat and rice) has skyrocketed.  Fresh fruits and vegetables, meat products, dairy and eggs have all seen price jumps […]

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Tips For Getting Through A Colorado Spring

Ah, spring in Colorado.  Also known as the season where anything goes.  Single digit temps?  Check.  Sunny and 80 degrees?  Check.  Wind at 50 mph?  Check.  Hail storms, snow storms, red flag warnings, hot days, and cold nights?  Check, check, and check.  Colorado is famous (infamous) for it’s wild weather, with spring being the all-out […]

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Water, And Mold, And Termites – Oh My!

Ben and I officially kicked off our remodeling project this week, and boy were we in for a surprise!  The idiot (and I’m being kind) who installed the shower failed to attached the drain from the shower to the drain pipe that runs to the street.  The shower was installed on a thick slap, so […]

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Why We Need To Expand Our Definition Of “Sustainable”

The words “sustainable” and “sustainability” are thrown around ad nauseum.  In the process of talking these points to death, the meaning of these terms has been muted, forgotten, or even rearranged.  In the most simplistic terms, sustainability is a process that can continue without permanent harm or depletion of the supporting resource (thank you Websters).  […]

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