Water, And Mold, And Termites – Oh My!

Ben and I officially kicked off our remodeling project this week, and boy were we in for a surprise!  The idiot (and I’m being kind) who installed the shower failed to attached the drain from the shower to the drain pipe that runs to the street.  The shower was installed on a thick slap, so […]

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Why We Need To Expand Our Definition Of “Sustainable”

The words “sustainable” and “sustainability” are thrown around ad nauseum.  In the process of talking these points to death, the meaning of these terms has been muted, forgotten, or even rearranged.  In the most simplistic terms, sustainability is a process that can continue without permanent harm or depletion of the supporting resource (thank you Websters).  […]

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Top 17 Backyard Farming Resources in The Pikes Peak Region

Last weekend I attended the Foodshed Forum 2 event.  There were some 80 people in the room, representing a host of organizations working on promoting local food production and the skills necessary to pull it off.  There is an immense amount of brain power in our region, and these folks would like nothing more than […]

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Bird Flu In Colorado? Really!?

Let’s start with the facts.  So far, bird flu has not been confirmed in Colorado.  The bird flu cases seen in North America over the last several years have tended to be on the west coast, with one case on the east coast, and one case in Canada.  Not exactly a pandemic folks.  However, the […]

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Local Food – There’s An App For That

It seems like these days there’s an app for just about anything.  And now, a first for Colorado Springs, we have an app for local food.  Believe me when I tell you that this is no ordinary app – this little gizmo has the power to change the commerce around food in our community.  A […]

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