Chickens vs. Garden

Itʼs not that I have anything against raised beds, gardens that produce the first year or neatness. Honest! Itʼs just that it isnʼt worth  spending much money. Marauding chickens dig up everything  and theyʼve got all day to work on breaching the gardenʼs defenses. My flock of lettuce thieves changed the character of my backyard, […]

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Spring Has Sprung – Here’s Your To-Do List For April 2014

Alright Front Range Urban Farmers, spring has finally arrived in full force.  The seven day weather forecast shows no freezing temperatures at night, rains showers for some of those next seven days, and daytime highs in the 60′s and 70′s.  Ah, me (followed by contented sigh).  If you’ve been holding of transplanting or direct sowing […]

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The Real Dirty On Urban Farming In Colorado Springs

Michelle Mercer with KRCC News interviewed urban farmers, utility workers, and garden consultants in Colorado Springs to get the real dirt on what it takes to be a backyard farmer in the high desert.  Michelle’s interviews are insightful, cut through the hype, and give an accurate portrayal of growing food along the Front Range. If […]

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The Noble Pig, Factory Farms, & How You Can Make A Difference: Part II of II

In last week’s post I asserted that raising pigs in confinement was fraught with problems.  Animal abuses, antibiotic overuse, worker abuses, environmental impacts, and just about anything else imaginable.  My position is simply this: Factory farming is cruel, dangerous, and deliberately hidden from the public view.  In stark contrast, pasture pig raising is humane (as […]

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The Noble Pig, Factory Farms, & How You Can Make A Difference: Part I of II

I once interviewed a former factory farm worker, someone who had earned a degree in agriculture. This person served her internship in a hog facility; she had no idea what she was getting into. While interning at the facility she saw firsthand constant and unspeakable animal abuse, things she relayed to me that I have […]

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