How To Know When You’re In Over Your Head, And What To Do About It

Ever have one of those moments that made you feel like the little chicken above? Beat, shot-out, frustrated – in over your head? If you answered no to that question I don’t believe you. If you answered yes to that question I have some good news for you – there are ways to get back […]

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Roundup Update

I know many folks were not thrilled with my decision to apply Roundup to the bindweed in my yard.  Some folks left those comments on the blog, some sent me e-mails, and one flat unsubscribe from the RTT e-newsletter.  And that’s alright – we all have to make our stands where we see fit.  My […]

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I knew it was a matter of time.  We have all manner of wildlife running around our neighborhood, to include skunks.  While mentally I was prepared for this inevitability, physically I was not.  No supplies, no plan, and no clue.  And so it happened, Wednesday night at precisely 20:10 hours, my dog Jo went nose-to-tail […]

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Ten Autumn Activities To Make Your Winter Easier

It’s hard to believe that we just passed the Fall Equinox this last weekend.  The golden leaves, warm temperatures and beautiful sunshine are deceptively delightful as we inch ever closer to winter (yes, I can hear the cries of “Noooo!” in the background).  While each season is wonderful in its own way, fall is my […]

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The Best Vegetable Garden I’ve Ever Seen – And It’s In Colorado Springs

Earlier this summer in August I went on the Friends of Extension Garden Tour.  I was limited on time, as were the two other folks I went with.  We didn’t have the opportunity to see all of the gardens on the tour, but one in particular made it all worthwhile.  (*Note:  There is a slide […]

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