Backyard Farming 101 – The Class

2013-08-13 08.41.51Backyard farming is many things – it’s rewarding, challenging, and even life-changing.  Backyard farming is full of the unexpected and the unknown. For those of us that live in the challenging climates along the Front Range, the unexpected and the unknown increase exponentially. Challenging climates can mean poor soils, arid conditions, high elevations, short growing seasons, and severe and weather.  In addition to climate challenges, if you live inside the limits of a city or town you may also face regulatory challenges. These factors combine to create especially tough conditions for backyard farming.  Backyard farming in these regions is different by necessity.

Backyard Farming 101 teaches you the foundational skills you need to be successful as a backyard farmer. If you’re brand-new to backyard farming, if you’ve recently moved to a challenging climate, or if your backyard farm is not as productive as you desire, then this course is for you.

Top Five Reasons To Take This Course:

  1. I teach you how to grow three and four season vegetables in Colorado
  2. You’ll get specific recommendations for fruit trees, shrubs, and vines that actually thrive along the Front Range – no more dead fruit trees
  3. I show you how to integrate livestock into your backyard farm to build the best soil
  4. I walk you through the process of designing your backyard farm the right way
  5. This course will save you time, money, and energy

Course outline:

  1. Why Backyard Farming Matters
  2. The Most Critical Step for Your Backyard Farm
  3. Streamline Your Efforts & Clear Out Your Junk
  4. How to Not Go Broke Building Your Backyard Farm
  5. Keep Your Water On Your Property, Legally
  6. Grow Great Vegetables & Build Superior Soil
  7. Produce Fruit on the Front Range
  8. Honey Bee Keeping
  9. Meat Rabbits
  10. Chickens and Ducks
  11. Aquaponics
  12. Miniature Dairy Goats
  13. Pull It All Together
  14. Build Your Community
  15. Your Backyard Farm Can Make You Money
  16. Your Backyard Farm Now & Into The Future

Backyard Farming 101 comes with an ironclad, 100% money back guarantee. If after completion of the course and all course materials you are unsatisfied for any reason we will refund 100% of your tuition (if you took the live course we do ask you to cover your meals).  We believe so strongly in the quality of this course that we are happy to make you this guarantee.  Please contact us for more information by signing-up for the newsletter.  Hit reply on any email; it will come directly to Christine Faith.

Note: Access to Backyard Farming 101 On-line is included with your purchase of Backyard Farming 101 Live.  If you purchase Backyard Farming 101 On-line, and later enroll in Backyard Farming Live, please notify me.  The purchase amount of Backyard Farming 101 On-line will be applied toward your tuition for Backyard Farming 101 Live.