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Aquaponics For Real

This week I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Gavin & Marshea Vitt of Daily Harvest Aquaponics.  This husband and wife team (and the rest of the family to boot) founded and manage the first bonafide commercial aquaponics growing system in Colorado Springs.  Both Gavin and Marshea come from generations of farmers; this is not, […]

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10 Backyard Farming Tools I Can’t (Won’t) Live Without

What’s the best tool to have around an urban homestead?  Ask 10 homesteaders and you’ll get at least eleven answers.  I know what tools I’ve come to love over the years – the ones that do what they’re supposed to do, the ones that last, and the ones that make my homesteading chores easier.  Here’s […]

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How To Know When You’re In Over Your Head, And What To Do About It

Ever have one of those moments that made you feel like the little chicken above? Beat, shot-out, frustrated – in over your head? If you answered no to that question I don’t believe you. If you answered yes to that question I have some good news for you – there are ways to get back […]

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Ah Aqupaonics: An Update, Fall 2014

You may have heard me say in the past that aquaponics is no silver-bullet for food production.  My assertion is based on the dependence of plastic, fossil fuel energy (usually), mined mineral resources, and on occasion pesticides (greenhouse growing, even organic greenhouse growing, depends on pesticides from time to time).  While all of the above […]

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Top 11 Ways To Save Money When Building Your Backyard Farm

Alright, let’s just get right at this.  Building backyard farms can be expensive; backyard farmers balance cost and aesthetics at every turn.  If the farm looks Sunset Magazine worthy, the cost to build it will far outstrip the benefits of the food you can produce.  If you farm looks like the Beverly Hillbillies you may […]

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Buying And Selling Produce In Your Neighborhood

This must be tech month, because I have another wiz-bang techy thing to share with you.  This is another web-site, and it brings local to a whole new level. Personally, I’m a big fan of selling directly to the consumer – no middle man.  The advantage of a middle-man is a built-in customer base.  Folks […]

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Backyard Farming Systems That Are Right For You

Let’s say you’re new to backyard farming. And let’s also say that you’re trying to figure out what backyard farm features to place on your landscape. How do you know what features are right for you? I don’t believe that everyone should necessarily have all manner of urban farming systems on their landscape (though many […]

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Spring Has Sprung – Here’s Your To-Do List For April 2014

Alright Front Range Urban Farmers, spring has finally arrived in full force.  The seven day weather forecast shows no freezing temperatures at night, rains showers for some of those next seven days, and daytime highs in the 60’s and 70’s.  Ah, me (followed by contented sigh).  If you’ve been holding of transplanting or direct sowing […]

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The Real Dirt On Urban Farming In Colorado Springs

Michelle Mercer with KRCC News interviewed urban farmers, utility workers, and garden consultants in Colorado Springs to get the real dirt on what it takes to be a backyard farmer in the high desert.  Michelle’s interviews are insightful, cut through the hype, and give an accurate portrayal of growing food along the Front Range. If […]

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