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The Benefits Of Bees

More often than not, the role of bees in relation to gardening is underestimated. Bees play a vital role in determining a garden’s health, benefiting our surrounding and our day-to-day lives in ways we are not always aware of. You might be wondering why these little pollinators have such an impact on our environment. Well, […]

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Keeping Your Honey Bees Healthy In “Sprinter”

If you live in Colorado or the Rocky Mountains in general, you may be aware that “Sprinter” is still in full swing.  For those of you outside of the Rockies, “Sprinter” is our version of spring – half Spring, half Winter.  Considering that the mountains outside of Colorado Springs received nearly 2’ of snow last […]

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Protecting Bees From Bears

Bears love bee hives, this we all know.  But do bees love of bears?  Um, not so much.  Bears eat the larva (baby bees) and the honey in a bee hive.  In the process of digging out all that goodness a bear can completely destroy a bee hive.  The damage to the bee colony and […]

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The Buckley Homestead

If you live in or around Colorado Springs, you know Ed and Allison Buckley.  Buckley’s Homestead Supply has become a beacon for the homesteading community in Colorado Springs, and their easy going, “we got this” style is subtlety infectious. Ed and Allison have built a business and asset for the community, while at the same […]

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Bee Hive Restored, Harvest Lost

So the word on our hive is a little bit of good news, bad news.  Back in July, after fearing that we needed to requeen our hive due to aggression, it was discovered that our hive was stuck under our double bottomboard.  As it turned out requeening of the hive was not necessary, but a […]

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Meet The Smith Family

This week I want to introduce to an urban homesteading family in Colorado Springs – Brian, Christy, Megan, Bryson, and little Luke Smith.  I had the absolute pleasure of spending some time with the Smith family at their northeast Colorado Springs urban homestead, and I was so impressed by what I saw.  I shot several […]

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Fixing Our Hive

About a month or so ago, our bees attacked one of our chickens.  The attack was fairly vicious, and appeared unwarranted.  We knew the chicken had gone hunting at the hive, but the attack mounted by the bees seemed entirely disproportionate to the chickens crime.  Or so we thought.  Some information came our way today […]

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The Best Recipes For A Backyard Farm – All In One Place

Earlier this year I made you a promise that I would provide you with seasonal, homegrown recipes that you could create from things you raised or grew in your backyard.  Well, I’m here to tell you that I will not be keeping that promise.  ‘Ever had that experience where you set out to do something, […]

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