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Things I’m Grateful For: Thanksgiving 2016

Two events are colliding this month and the juxtaposition is, to me, quite striking.  The post-election fall-out still hasn’t quite settled, and Thanksgiving (our annual pause to reflect on the gifts in our lives) is just around the corner.  Significant research into the urban agricultural/sustainable agriculture/prepper population reveals a dichotomy – possibly the most politically […]

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Be Kind

I received some sad news this last week – an acquaintance, a loose friend, took their own life.  I attended a memorial service this weekend and was informed of the cause of death at the service.  I had assumed this person’s poor heart had given out.  I guess I wasn’t too far off – taking […]

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Backyard Farming In Suburbia

There are times when I’m invited to come see someone’s backyard farm because they need some advice, a little encouragement, and maybe a tweak to their design. That is typically why I’m invited over to see someone’s set-up, and that’s perfect because I so enjoy helping folks with their design and build. And then there […]

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The Revolution Finds Its Voice

For the last year or so I’ve been hearing rumblings about a new magazine heading our way.  The magazine is Local Food Shift Colorado, and it’s stated intention is to be the voice for re-localizing food in Colorado.  The magazine is based in Denver, and this first publication heavily features the Front Range and the […]

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The Best Recipes For A Backyard Farm – All In One Place

Earlier this year I made you a promise that I would provide you with seasonal, homegrown recipes that you could create from things you raised or grew in your backyard.  Well, I’m here to tell you that I will not be keeping that promise.  ‘Ever had that experience where you set out to do something, […]

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