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DARK Act Signed Into Law

This current political cycle has been particularly nauseating for me to witness – from my perspective this is potentially the worst set of presidential candidates to run against one another in my lifetime.  From a political standpoint, you should know that I’m a recovering Democrat, and that I can’t stand (and never could stand) the […]

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The DARK Act – A New Political Low

For several years now, many U.S. citizens have been doing grassroots organization work to bring labeling of GMO (genetically modified organisms) foods to the United States. While many countries around the world already require GMO labeling, GMO’s are not labeled in the U.S. Many U.S. countries sell their products overseas, complete with a label indicating […]

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In The Belly Of The Beast

Yes, that’s me driving a tractor with a field full of GMO sugar beets in the background.  All this week I’ve been in attendance at an ag conference in northern Colorado.  I’ve seen things I never thought I would see, I’ve had conversations I never dreamed I would have, and I’ve come to understand the […]

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The Noble Pig, Factory Farms, & How You Can Make A Difference: Part II of II

In last week’s post I asserted that raising pigs in confinement was fraught with problems.  Animal abuses, antibiotic overuse, worker abuses, environmental impacts, and just about anything else imaginable.  My position is simply this: Factory farming is cruel, dangerous, and deliberately hidden from the public view.  In stark contrast, pasture pig raising is humane (as […]

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