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The Buckley Homestead

If you live in or around Colorado Springs, you know Ed and Allison Buckley.  Buckley’s Homestead Supply has become a beacon for the homesteading community in Colorado Springs, and their easy going, “we got this” style is subtlety infectious. Ed and Allison have built a business and asset for the community, while at the same […]

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Backyard Farming In Suburbia

There are times when I’m invited to come see someone’s backyard farm because they need some advice, a little encouragement, and maybe a tweak to their design. That is typically why I’m invited over to see someone’s set-up, and that’s perfect because I so enjoy helping folks with their design and build. And then there […]

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Meet The Smith Family

This week I want to introduce to an urban homesteading family in Colorado Springs – Brian, Christy, Megan, Bryson, and little Luke Smith.  I had the absolute pleasure of spending some time with the Smith family at their northeast Colorado Springs urban homestead, and I was so impressed by what I saw.  I shot several […]

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The Best Recipes For A Backyard Farm – All In One Place

Earlier this year I made you a promise that I would provide you with seasonal, homegrown recipes that you could create from things you raised or grew in your backyard.  Well, I’m here to tell you that I will not be keeping that promise.  ‘Ever had that experience where you set out to do something, […]

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Livin’ With Wildlife: Reminders For The Season

If you live along the Front Range, you will have wildlife in or around your backyard farm.  No doubt.  The question then become what to do about said wildlife.  The answer?  Prevent encounters whenever possible, manage encounters once they occur.  Here’s how we do that: We have a dog – very handy for alerting and […]

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Yes I Know It’s June (Almost) , And No I Don’t Think You Should Plant Your Tomatoes Outside, Yet

Typically around these parts (Front Range of Colorado), Memorial Day weekend serves as tipping point between “Sprin-ter” and summer.  Us hardy gardening types start moving our warm season starts out to our gardens for the 90 day run of our “warm season.”  This May has been exceptional – cool, stormy, and rainy.  I don’t know […]

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A Starr Is Rising

If you’re like most adults, you might be eying the younger generations with a bit of dismay.  Fashion and music aside, for many folks our teenagers represent a generation that is overly connected to tech, while being disconnected from the present moment.  Our belief, as it goes, is that this condition of our young people […]

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Feed Your Family From Your Garden

You might have noticed that the cost of food has gone up substantially.  More to the point, you might have noticed that the price of unsubsidized food products (anything without corn or soy, and also excluding wheat and rice) has skyrocketed.  Fresh fruits and vegetables, meat products, dairy and eggs have all seen price jumps […]

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