Honey Harvesting on The Lazy Homesteader

Fall is the time to harvest many things, but my personal favorite is honey. Fragrant, sticky, golden honey. Nothing is better than honey on fresh bread, to sweeten hot tea, or drizzled over fruit. If you have an interest in producing your own honey, and are looking for the inside scoop on this infamous task, […]

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RTT Manifesto

The Right to Thrive (RTT) project was long overdue.  The idea had been rattling around in my head since 2010, the form and shape slowly emerging.  What had not been slow to emerge were the driving principles of the project; indeed these ideals informed the process.  There are several “non negotiables” associated with RTT, and they are laid out here […]

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Welcome to Right to Thrive: Your Source of Essential Info for Backyard Farming on the Front Range

Right to Thrive knows that backyard farming on the Front Range is tough.  Our climate has two settings and one constant- hot, cold, and windy all the time.  Our soils are dry and rocky, low on organic matter, and lack beneficial life forms.  Backyard farming ordinances and codes vary from city to city and town to town, creating […]

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